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Welcome to ADHD Coaching. Are
    you having trouble with...

Lindsay Hilsenbeck
Getting organized
Managing your time
Controlling stress and overwhelm
Banning procrastination and her ugly
sister perfectionism – maybe both?!


Yes? Then you've come to the right place. I am one of the few coaches, worldwide, trained specifically to work with people effected by ADHD.


How would your life be different if you were organized, managed your time well and followed through on promises? Developed better people skills? Understood sensory overload? And used your ADHD strengths to your advantage? The good news is you can develop these and other personal and professional 'life management skills’.


As your coach I will non-judgmentally and compassionately support you as you develop and implement practical solutions to manage your ADHD; you can live the life you chose. I have a strong track record of success partnering with busy professionals with ADHD to…


ramp up productivity
reduce stress & anxiety
rebuild confidence
restore balance








Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and start living up to your full potential? If so the first step is to have a chat - let's talk about your situation and what you need - contact me below for your…


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Kudos from Cindy

When I first called Lindsay it was as a last resort. After a lifetime of unfinished projects, disorganization, forgetfulness, missed deadlines, lost opportunities and my apparent inability to follow thru on my goals and dreams – I was frustrated and in despair.

While something deep inside me knew there had to be a way out of all this, I admit I was starting to give up on myself. Truthfully, I didn’t believe anything would ever change...

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  1. Individual Coaching
    One on one personal sessions.
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    Share support and strengths - run virtually
  3. Couples Coaching
    Together or seperatly as needed.

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ADHD Coaching Lindsay HilsenbeckAbout Lindsay

ADHD coaching is my passion. 
With twenty years experience in 
entrepreneurial ventures, executive roles in international corporations; and twelve years of hands-on Professional Organizing and ADHD Coaching I have a unique perspective from which to coach. 

I value non judgmental, collaborative, partnerships in which you are supported and inspired to reach your goals.