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Kudos from Carl

At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect regarding working with an ADHD coach. I knew I needed help organizing my life. Problems with work, relationships, and lack of daily habits because of procrastination have frustrated me my whole life. Since we started working with each other I really like looking at key aspects in my life that were being challenging. Since we started working on these challenges I have excelled at work and my confidence has grown through our talks and your guidance.

I’m in my forties and thought I knew a lot about ADHD and the effects it has had on my life. But through coaching I have learned new valuable lessons about myself that have translated positively into my daily life. I remember the very first thing you suggested was getting a hook for my keys because I was always losing them. I can say that it’s my daily reminder of our work together and how easy it can be to make a new habit and stick to it.

I also love reframing negative thoughts I have from my lack of consistency and following through on things. I tended to create my own limited beliefs from failures in my life but you have helped me change my thoughts regarding my self-worth. I now know that I’ve just tapped the surface of my strengths and capabilities. I still have things to work on. But I am pleased with your help and capability that I will bring out the best in me. Truly appreciate everything you have done for me.

Carl Dillinger

Kudos from Simon

My work with Lindsay has been incredibly helpful.

Each session, I gained a bit more insight accompanied by tools and encouragement. While I was turning these lessons from "aha" moments into habits, I counted on Lindsay to keep track of the goals we'd set together and nudge me back on the path when I wandered off into old habits.

Several weeks after concluding our work, I am seeing that the practices we identified have turned into habits, and that when I wander off, my positive experience with Lindsay draws me back onto the path that I now own.

I have tremendous appreciation for Lindsay's candor, wisdom, patience and grace. I'm frequently full of gratitude when I notice how my days make more sense as I reflect on our work together. And as I walked to work today. Expecting to arrive early, I'm reminded of how much I continue to appreciate our work together.

Simon Bartlett

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me!

Kudos from Cindy

When I first called Lindsay it was as a last resort. After a lifetime of unfinished projects, disorganization, forgetfulness, missed deadlines, lost opportunities and my apparent inability to follow thru on my goals and dreams – I was frustrated and in despair. While something deep inside me knew there had to be a way out of all this, I admit I was starting to give up on myself. Truthfully, I didn’t believe anything would ever change.

After decades of being told that my problem was clinical depression, I finally managed to get an ADHD diagnosis and a prescription for medication that I hoped would be the magic bullet that would change my life. This proved not to be the case for me and I made the decision to come off the meds and soon after called Lindsay.

Lindsay and I began working on the importance of grounding practices like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise. Simple things perhaps, but with Lindsay’s ‘accountability partnering’ and suggestions she helped me to prioritize my self-care, which has been crucial to my ability to gain control over my “runaway train” ADHD brain.

Her insistence at the beginning of our calls that I evaluate what went right and what went wrong over the week became the blueprint for the self-regulation skills I developed over the course of our coaching. Gradually I was able to develop the self-discipline to tackle my chronic procrastination and prioritization issues. Her ability to tailor strategies to my specific needs was key. Trusting Lindsay’s perspective on the best ways for me to manage my time, stay on task and keep focused produced results that I could never have achieved by myself.

Lindsay’s passion for results and her dedication to her client’s progress means that you have a true partner in overcoming your challenges, someone who is as invested in reaching your goals as you are. It’s a powerful advantage, and I believe it made all the difference for me.

I had done a lot of work on myself over the years. After my diagnosis, thanks to my ability to hyper focus, I read every book on ADHD, explored every alternative therapy and supplement program. I’d go so far as to say I was a walking, taking ‘expert' on my problem. And yet I wasn’t able to make any inroads on the things that needed to get done. All the tips and tricks you read about sound straightforward, but weeks, months and in my case, years went by and I was still no closer to my dreams. As the growing toxic load of emotional baggage – the guilt, the shame and sheer exasperation – piled up, it felt instead as if I were getting further away from them.

Lindsay calls her approach the non-judgmental solution and her commitment to providing exactly that was a revelation to me. My mind’s interior language with its endless recriminations, criticism and condemnations – honed from an unsupportive childhood and the additional years of perceived failure because of the difficulties of living with undiagnosed ADHD – meant I didn’t know how to speak to myself with a calm, loving and compassionate voice. Lindsay encouraged me to journal and work thru my feelings. After I had managed to identify the negative spiraling self-talk and the knock-on effect it had on my mood, we started to focus on using affirmations to define my goals, to get intimate with exactly how I wanted my new life to look.

Ultimately, coaching with Lindsay enabled me to see that I have a choice to make in every moment. I have gained a sense of gratitude for the advantages and benefits of my ADHD – the creativity, my sensitivity and the perseverance I’d gained from a lifetime of struggle. I believe it was the fostering of this sense of gratitude that gradually tipped the scale towards true confidence and a sense of being at-ease with who I am. I have a big journey in front of me, but with Lindsay’s help I’ve taken the first steps towards the life I always wanted - meeting my goals, tackling creative projects and enjoying rewarding relationships.

I cannot recommend Lindsay or her life changing coaching experience enough!

Cindy Carter-Holt, San Francisco CA

Kudos from Karla

I really, really like working with Lindsay! She truly is Nonjudgmental! Such a relief!!! Sometimes you need to share the awful things with someone, as well as the good things. She doesn’t tell me it’s wrong, or that I made a mess of things or ask what was I thinking! She just helps me get through it and find a way to keep it from happening again!

She helps me find the track again when I derail and gives good advice in a way that’s easy to accept. She offers support when I’m feeling totally out of control, but also reins me in and won’t let me slide on our agreements.

Working with her has given me a measure of self-respect & self-worth that I never had before!

I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Karla Murdoch, Albany NY

Kudos from JP

Lindsay - thank you so much for the heart you put into every conversation. I have gained a lot of understanding about how I work and will continue making improvements in my life.

I have worked with many therapists and other professionals over the years but working with you is the only time I've ever felt like I'm getting valuable insights and tools that I can really use.

JP, Sea Ranch CA

Kudos from Rob

Working with Lindsay has been a real blessing. Her approach is pragmatic, caring and encouraging. You can tell quite easily that she is not simply repeating the same information with every client; her coaching is much more tailored to individual needs.

In the time I have spent with Lindsay, my ADHD symptoms have improved dramatically (without adding any stimulant based medications). She helped me create an optimal schedule, coached me to not beat myself up when I don't hit it but rather just do the best I can, setup morning and night routines, talk through motivation issues surrounding my professional and personal life and, most importantly, always has friendly and on-point advice.

I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Lindsay.

Rob Sanchez, Silicon Valley, CA

Kudos from Grateful Client

There are essentially four ways a bird can fly:

- They can fight against the natural current of the air. They may twist, turn and flap furiously. In doing so, they exert much effort, gaining little ground if any.

- Instead, they may choose to glide. They seek out a smooth patch air, move with the natural current and ride it out calmly.

- As they glide, the bird will naturally begin to slow down and descend: gradually lowering to the ground. When this happens, action is required. The bird must use effort to flap, being careful to go in the direction of the smooth air. In doing so, the bird may return to their prior gliding path, perhaps even reaching a higher level than before.

- The ultimate method, the path which yields the greatest benefit, is to seek and find a thermal air patch. They locate a patch of warm air which will naturally take them higher and farther with greater ease and comfort than they could ever achieve on their own. This is how birds soar.

And so too are our choices: to fight against the current, to glide, to flap and rise again, or to seek help and soar.

I wrote that after our call and thought you may like it. Thanks for our coaching, it helped a lot!

Grateful client, San Diego

Kudos from Crissi

Here is a list of tips and strategies I have learned so far from Lindsay during our coaching to help me work with my ADD not against it - I'm learning to accept its gifts and manage the problems!! Many thanks!

Crissi A, Los Angeles CA

Continue reading Crissi's tips


Kudos from Allison

With Lindsay's help, I'm moving towards my goals and organizing my life more than every before. The biggest difference this time is that the structure and organization she's helping me establish are full of creativity. The "work" feels like play and fits my personality in ways that excited me and uncover the positive about myself. My motivation is suddenly intrinsic.

Allison North


Kudos from Dr Frank

Thank you so much...

...for your time and attention. It was most useful. And the big news is that I did keep going after you left for several days and eventually had a shredding service come out to the house and shred 48 boxes of old records from my garage, AND about 100 boxes from the office! Now there's room to move at both home and office! I hadn't accepted that I REALLY had to do that when you were here, but you DID plant the seed and a forest grew!

Dr Frank D, Berkeley CA


John's Case Study

John had...

never married and lived alone. He had stopped dating ten years before we met. He said there had been no point looking for a relationship because if a women saw how he lived he was pretty sure she would not want to continue dating him - so why bother. He used to vow he would get organized and clean his apartment almost weekly but never did. Instead he would turn on the TV when he got home and hyper-focus on it when he was there.

Read the full story...

Kudos from JP

Thank you so much...

...for the heart you put into every conversation.  I have gained a lot of understanding about how I work and will continue making improvements in my life. I have worked with many therepists and other professionals over the years but working with you is the only time I've ever felt like I'm getting valuable insights and tools that I can really use.

JP, Sea Ranch CA


Lisa's Full Case Study

Lisa said…
Knowing that I have to be accountable weekly is a huge bonus for me. Not for everyone but I really find it useful. I don’t feel scattered with undefined goals; I have more structure and less stress now I’m working on the ‘larger picture’ of my life.

Lisa has committed to the last seven months of coaching with incredible zeal and homed in on what really matters to her. She has set goals that are both realistic and exciting, works hard at the process, and never shies away from honestly exploring underlying issue that aren’t serving her well. Working on creating more structure tailored to Lisa’s lifestyle and creative personality has been a great bonus.




Lisa said…

I do see a big difference in myself.  I have much more confidence in just ‘being who I am.’ And I see a "mistake" as an opportunity to learn and try again. I can “step outside” emotional issues and pause; be less reactive. I feel so much more positive and in control. My friends marvel at the calm and confidence I have now (compared to what they "know" of me). And my colleagues tell me how I am an inspiration in seeing the bigger picture, in being enthusiastic and passionate about what I do, in being able to understand and communicate well with others. And my boss is always authentically grateful for my passion, leadership, steadiness and compassion. All by-products of my coaching.

Lisa’s natural joie de vivre was a little overshadowed by low self worth, but once we cleared away some of the negative underlying beliefs, and let more light in, she began to blossom. She is an extraordinary woman. Lisa is without doubt one of the most hard working and humble clients I have ever worked with. Her innate talents coupled with great compassion and loyalty makes Lisa a rewarding client to work with.


Lisa said

Lindsay always knows how to pick up on my words and knows what I mean, right away. She cuts through the stress. She hears what I say “under the words” - identifies the real challenge and helps me get to the core issues that need working on. Our conversations invariably translate into very timely and pertinent nuggets which can be applied to my career - even when we are talking about my personal relationships or simply dog walking; it’s all grist for the mill of changing for the better. Moving ahead. Thanks Lindsay





Kudos from Katherine

Lasting Changes and a few laughs too...

Lindsay, the coaching sessions I have had with you over the past year have had a VERY positive impact on my life. When we started, I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel - in terms of ever getting my life & relationships back on track. Your ability to help me tailor a plan that really works for me; and your insight, practical suggestions and support have helped me to make positive, lasting changes in my life. Also, it is such a pleasure to work with someone as accepting and upbeat as you - and with a good sense of humor to boot! Thank you so much for all your help.

Katherine Peters, M.S.W. Social Work Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA


Kudos from Annie

Great Group...

When I joined the group I was expecting to increase my self-awareness; to become exposed to different ideas, new skills and coping strategies (to better handle my ADD). So far the group has far exceeded my expectations. I have become more aware of various ADD symptoms and how they negatively impact my life. Through the group I am learning to STOP, PAUSE, and PROCESS and prioritize the best order for my daily tasks; and building and practicing impulse control skills.

Through insights into the ADD brain, I am learning how to discipline myself to stay on task and with perseverance, discipline, practice, and structure I can complete every task I use to avoid. I'm now feeling a sense of accomplishment and self confidence. All of the above unfolds as the group members share their stories, struggles, conflicts, and challenges.

The key ingredient, however, is the way Lindsay facilitates the group. She does a phenomenal job of asking just the right questions to help us figure out what causes the struggle and conflicts, and help us explore the solutions; mirroring back what she heard so we can look at our thoughts and try to make sense of them; respecting our needs, weaknesses, strength, challenges; being very supportive and positive, but gently confronting us if we need it. And passing on great resources such as books, websites, tapes, quotes, etc.

After each group I come away with new awareness, more knowledge and deeper insights. I have grown so much in the sort time I have been attending. Thank you Lindsay!!

Annie G - New York


Kudos from Nancy

Lindsay is brilliant - period.

She's a phenomenal tour guide on our journey through life with ADHD. Her concepts during the weekly group 'Share the Strengths' are both positive and life affirming, she's all about resolution and keeps the group focused and on track. Lindsay's great empathy, insight, amazing listening skills and vast and currant knowledge of ADHD is apparent. And her creative energy, enthusiasm and insights keeps the group perking. And she does all this while skillfully balancing the interaction amongst the participants.

I've learned so much from being in the group - techniques for decreasing impulsivity, staying on task and prioritizing and time assessment. Each week Lindsay encourages us to experiment with new ideas gleaned from the group to solve real life problems.

And being part of the group has helped rid me of the fear, shame and guilt I had; at the end of every session I feel as though all ‘struggle’ has been lifted. We find good humor in our similarities and comfort in our friendship - our group motto could well be; we share - we learn - we resolve.

Nancy, Piedmont, CA

Kudos from Michael

I've gotten unstuck

I had my first session with my ADHD coach Lindsay Hilsenbeck a couple of weeks ago.

From everything she did and said, it was abundantly clear to me that she was both expert and experienced at dealing with people with ADHD. I found it *very* moving to *finally* feel like I wasn't all alone in this.

I've been begging all manner of medical and mental health professionals for help with my trouble focusing on my work for over seven years now. They and I tried many things, but absolutely *none* of it helped, not even a little bit.

Lindsay was able to get me unstuck. She knows so much about the practical things I can do, outside of the medicine. I have been able to work productively the whole time I'm at work, and just now checked in some new code for the first time in quite a while.

I'm really pleased with how things are going for me; over the weekend I got lots of work done on Ogg Frog, the software product of my own that I'm developing. I hadn't written nary a line of Ogg Frog code in six months, so that alone would have been a significant breakthrough.

Michael Crawford, Computer Programmer, - Silicon Valley CA

Kudos from Michelle

Dramatic Improvement

When I walked in at 3:00, Lindsay and Doug were busy shredding, filing, clearing, and organizing. There was already a dramatic change in Doug’s office and I could see that he was really getting into this. I hung out in the background and just observed for awhile. What I noticed was that Lindsay had a wonderful quality of being a great listener and asking really good questions, as well as making it fun, which always relaxes everyone! When Doug answered her, there was no judgment on Lindsay’s part. She would acknowledge his response and give him a few suggestions on how to resolve the issue. She was very open to “creating systems” that would work for Doug and not just giving him “systems”.


Michelle Moquin, San Francisco, CA, See entire kudos on Michelle's blog.

Kudos from Melissa

Phone Coaching CAN Work!

I wasn’t 100% convinced that phone coaching would work, but quickly realized it does. I can relax (or move around) in the privacy of my own home which enables me to really focus in on the conversation; because of this the sessions are very intimate and deep.

Lindsay’s honest, non judgemental approach puts me totally at ease; I feel safe, supported and understood. One of my biggest breakthroughs so far has been to notice my negative self talk and come up with strategies to switch it around, and recognize and use my strengths.

I now understand that I have many of the answers to my issues already; with better self awareness I can change old negative patterns and feel a whole lot less stressed. Coaching with Lindsay is like talking to a trusted old friend….I highly recommend her.

Melissa Parker, San Francisco

Kudos from Barbara

An Amazing People Person

I love working with Lindsay because she is an amazing 'people person'. Lindsay’s coaching with me is 100% supportive, loving and caring. I always feel she is my trusted ally. And her brilliant ability to come up with just the right life metaphor, that speaks to me, has enabled me to see situations in a totally fresh light; then work on a solution to fit me…every session feels like a fresh, personal, individualized, life lesson that is helping me grow and evolve to become my best self….Lindsay you are the BEST!!

Barbara Brinkerhoff – San Francisco Doggie Concierge - 415-668-6247

Kudos from Joanne

"As a physician, Lindsay's coaching has made me much more efficient and focused in my work. In my private life I get more done AND have more free time for the fun things. I can't thank you enough, Lindsay!"

Joanne Baker, MD

Kudos from Alexander

A Life Altering Experience

Coaching with Lindsay has become a life altering experience for me. Working together has not just been about sorting out my scattered external existence but a sorting out of who I am - my inner-self - allowing me to discover what I can truly achieve. It is enabling me to gain a new perspective of myself. I now have a new found confidence that I can live life at a much higher level. I call it...Living life on Purpose.

Thanks for everything Lindsay!

Byshi Alexander Montreal, Canada

Kudos from Lisa

A Delight!

Hi Lindsay, It was a delight to talk to you. THANK YOU so much for your feedback today. It provided me some clarity. I signed up for your ezine. And look forward to our coaching next week.

Lisa C

Kudos from Martha

A Nice Boost

FYI….our chat yesterday gave me a nice boost today, even though it's a rainy day Monday. Thank you!

Martha P

Kudos from Linda


Hi Lindsay,
As always, my session with you was fabulous. I truly enjoy our work together and recommend you highly to others who may be interested and need your services.

Linda J

Kudos from Jim

Feeling Energized

Hi Lindsay
I do feel amazingly energized by having accomplished one of my projects already…..and we only coached about it this morning!!

Jim R

Kudos from Linda

Luv Ya...Dahlin'...and thanks for all your great expertise.

Lindy D

Kudos from Carmen

Small steps, big results.

Thank you so much for saving my life. When we started coaching I was so down most of the time life had become pretty unbearable. Our coaching sessions have given me hope and I see lots of light at the end of tunnel now. As you say 'many small steps add up to big results' and that's what I'm seeing.

Carmen M

Kudos from Peggy

Finding Real Strengths

Lindsay, before we coached I had no idea what my real strengths were. Or how talented I really am. Now I can truly say I'm living the life I was made for in a job I love…I cant thank you enough. Looking forward to on going sessions to help me move to the next level.

Carmen Peggy F

Kudos from Michael

A breath of fresh air

Great work. Feel like a breath of fresh air has blown through my life. You are one great coach…


Michael B

Kudos from Christina

A Huge Impact

The sessions we had have made a huge impact on my life. I hear your voice in my mind encouraging and mentioning strategies all the time!! Bit by bit I am getting my life more in sync. Every day I do something to move me towards the goals I now have. And I remember to be kind to myself and counteract negative self talk when it creeps in….on-going process but well on the way now thanks to you. I'll be back for more sessions in autumn.…

Christina W

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