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ADHD's Upside
People with ADHD are often criticized for missing details and losing focus, yet they are often magnificent at looking at the whole picture. So recognize, value and embrace your differences and celebrate your ADHD skills and talents.

Health & Happiness Checklist
Leading a happy and successful life requires us to make healthy choices, think positively and believe in ourselves. Taking the wrong action or taking no action leaves us frustrated, feeling powerless, hopeless and stuck. Read on for a list of healthy positive actions, ideal scenarios.

De-clutering Ritual
We all have waayyy too much stuff that simply clutters our space and adds to the feeling of overwhelm.
To help the process, trying using the mantra 'Less Stuff - More Life.'

Mindful Meditation Body Scan
Mindful Meditation Body Scan - cultivating some sort of mindfulness routine is great
for your mind, body, and spirit. But a classic sitting meditation can be a tad tough.
So to begin a practice, try my mindful meditation body scan....

Define Goals vs. Projects & Jobs
It's important to clearly define Goals, Projects, and Jobs. Knowing the difference allows you to keep tabs on what you are working on, plan better and follow through. You don't want to lose sight of your goals and get lost in a labyrinth of jobs and projects

Prioritize and Lazor Focus
Carefully consider what you want to change or achieve.  What will make your life better? What will make the biggest difference on a daily basis when you master the change? Take some time to think this through then...

Reduce Distraction, Increase Focus
You're trying to concentrate...or fall asleep and you just can't focus on the task at hand? Do you find that foreground and background noise tend to switch places - and even if you're in a quiet room you can hear the background sounds so clearly it's distracting? Then play around with some form of 'white noise'.

Plummiting Productivity
The quest for happiness gets a whole lot closer to being a daily event not a future goal. Define clearly your ideal 'personal environments' regarding.

ADD & Marriage Issues
Do you and your spouse fight about the same things over and over? The Dr. Phil covered guests with ADD that have threatened divorce and want to know if there's a solution for their constant battles. 

Are you Easily Distracted?
Many people classify ADHD as a problem with distraction. However, it seems like it's more of an issue of not being able to filter out selective stimuli to allow you to pay attention and focus on one thing - rather than simply 'distraction'.

Declutter and Donate - A Win Win!
First give yourself permission to 'let go of stuff' you don't, and maybe never did, use or love. Whether it's gifts you never did choose, new unused 'costly mistakes' you never did use, or things 'you think' you 'may need later' - just let it all go. 

Procrastination Antidote
Many of us are perfectionists or recovering perfectionists! It's a mind set. A way of seeing the world, often through a black or white filter with no in-between grey lens. 

Happy New Years to You and Yours
Too often we are 'future focused' and don't look back; consequently we don't internalize the gains we've made. You might find your first reaction is regret and self-judgment at what you didn't get done. Put this 'negative filter' down and remind yourself you did the best you could!

Ten Tips to Simplify Your Holidays
Have Happy Hassle Free Holidays and 10 Tips to get you there : Take time to plan in advance, remember what went well and what didn't, keep it simple...

Is it Procrastination or Paralysis?
Some general strategies that might help you depending on where you are stuck. Reduce fear and dread feelings by noticing what you are thinking, identify your avoidance 'strategies' and begin to replace them with healthier more supportive activities...

Don't Waste Time Multi-Tasking
A guide to working, as simply as possible, for your mental health.

Are you Punctually Challenged?
Do you arrive late and stressed to most pre-arranged events? Lateness is a habit you have developed, and it can be changed. Tips to manage your time.

Timing your To-Do List
How long does your 'to do' lists take to do? What was your timeframe to get it done?

Mind Map to Prioritize Projects
Do you find prioritizing difficult and totally overwhelming? How to get 'out of your head', and how to get started prioritizing!

Mail Central - Organize your Incoming Mail!
A new years resolution to get on top of our mail! A system for getting organized, and strategies to conquer the pile.

Paper Purging - How to Process Paper Clutter
What might be getting in your way of organizing your papers and some strategies to help you move forward

What you think IS what you get...!
The power of positive thinking. Listen to yourself talking to see if you are reinforcing what you don't want.

Planning Meals the ADHD Way!
Cooking meals for yourself or your family can be a challenge? Read this ezine for some ideas to make it less so.

Why do you have clutter, and at what cost?
What is causing you to have clutter? You have to figure out the cause before you can come up with a solution. Otherwise, it's like putting a band aid on a cut artery.

De-Clutter your Closet
Some guide lines to help you get the job done. If you find de-cluttering usually ends with more chaos than when you started, get a friend to work with you! A clutter buddy can make a boring job easy and fun!

Reduce Junk Mail, Reduce Clutter
Help to cut back on the amount of paper clutter that comes into your space. Remember 99% of the clutter in your home was either delivered by the mail man, you, or a family member.

Step by Step Spring Cleaning Projects
One step at a time, cut jobs up into small do-able 'bites'. You don't have to tackle the whole job in one session!

Stress-Less Holiday Season
With some strategies and forward planning the stress can be reduced! Really it can!!

Prioritizing - One Step at a Time
Figure out what the steps are and then how to prioritize to make working through a project easier.


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