Lindsay Hilsenbeck

USA ph: 1-510-669-1152

Group Coaching


ADHD Coaching Groups - Share the Strengths

Group coaching is easier on the pocket than one-on-one coaching sessions. And has the added bonus of generating ‘group energy’, support & feedback from your peers. This coupled with my support and input makes for a very rich opportunity to learn; and be heard, in a structured environment.

Groups are run ‘virtually’ on a teleconference ‘call in’ phone line so you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office. Each session runs for one hour per week. I keep groups small, between five and eight members, to allow everyone to participate when they choose to.

Currently I am not forming a new group. However if you are interested please email - put Group Coaching in the subject line and include your contact details in the email. You will be added to the waiting list.

When a new group is being formed I will contact you to discuss your situation. When a group that ‘reflects your needs’ forms you and the other participants will be notified of the time the group will meet and some ground rules.

A one month minimum commitment, paid in advance, is required for 4 sessions @ $40 per session. Many groups I have formed have continued to work together for several months at a time before taking a break.


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