Lindsay Hilsenbeck

USA ph: 1-510-669-1152

Individual Coaching


During your Intake Session we discuss which type of coaching would best suit your needs and personality. You can choose either Flexible Flow Coaching or Formatted Flow Coaching, or a combination of the two, Programmed Coaching.

Flexible Flow Coaching - works towards agreed goals without structure or a set program. This is ‘in the moment’ coaching and works best for individuals & groups who like to leave their options wide open and have the freedom to creatively work towards their goals.

Formatted Flow Coaching - is more structured. A pre-determined program is mapped out specifically for you. At each session a major issues is systematically worked on. Current issues as they present are coached around but the main focus is on working through an agreed set of issues in a specific timeframe. Focused coaching works best for those that like a lot of structure and working step by step to reach a goal. Ideal for companies purchasing coaching for employees.

Programmed Coaching - combines the two. We work towards agreed goals and address specific issues using ‘flexible structure’. This allows for creativity to flow and the coaching to be more organic while still keeping the focus on the results. Issues are worked through as they naturally present themselves rather than in a linear fashion.This style of coaching works well for those that need some structure but also enjoy spontaneity.  


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