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Hi there… I'm Lindsay Hilsenbeck, a highly skilled and well qualified ADHD Coach with a background in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures.

I was born and raised in Suffolk, England; as a teenager I moved to Wellington, New Zealand where I went to college; at twenty one I moved to Sydney Australia where I lived for ten years. Then returned to live in New Zealand for a decade before moving to the United States sixteen years ago.

My entrepreneurial and corporate career began in my twenties growing my own million dollar startup company in Sydney, Australia. After that experience I moved back to New Zealand and became involved in a variety of industries and ventures; from

1The Office Manager for Consultus Inc – a company that grew from one office with a staff of five, to be the largest PR firm in NZ & Australia, during the time I was there

1 One of the management team headhunted to startup a new domestic airline, Ansett New Zealand, to compete with Air New Zealand

1 A consultant contracted by Robert Harris Coffee for six months to set up two prototype coffee shops

1 And before leaving NZ - The Communications Executive, for Avalon Studios, then the largest film and television studio in Australasia (NZ & Australia combined).

After moving to the States I established a successful Professional Organizing firm in the Bay Area. Working with large corporations, entrepreneurs and small businesss owners; hundreds of clients -- many with ADHD. I also gained government contracts to work with California Adult Protective Services social workers and their clients.

Nine years ago I began studying ADHD Coaching to combine my hands-on experience with this much needed service. I have since graduated from two prestigious coaching institutions: Coachville and the ADD Coaches Academy in New York.

A traveler at heart, I now split my time between the San Francisco Bay Area, California; the Big Sky region, Montana; and the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

On a more personal note….and maybe TMI

I’ve experienced many wonderful opportunities in my life; traveled the world extensively, lived on four different continents, and had some fabulous jobs and amazing opportunities. And since 97 I have been happily married to a wonderful American chap in a relationship that has transcended his ADHD and allowed us to thrive together.

But like most people, I’ve also had my share of tough times too. From a very 'challenging' childhood; to becoming a single parent in my teens. My first marriage was to an abusive alcoholic after which I went through AA twelve step recovery for myself having practiced the “If you can’t beat them, join them” strategy!!

I went through the bankruptcy of my million dollar business in Sydney after nine years of workaholicly creating it. And survived the almost inevitable ‘bout of cancer’ from the accumulated stress and dysfunctional coping strategies I’d been using to manage all of the above. These are the hurdles I have faced and overcome.

I believe I am living testimony that you can thrive despite being dealt a difficult hand, if you consciously choose to change. My mantra is: "life is good and keeps getting better." However, I also believe that this is true only if you believe it to be so, and take the steps to make it happen.

As an ADHD coach dedicated to helping those with, and affected by ADHD, I'm here to help you do just that.

Come coach with me…


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