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  • I'm a sprinter. That alone has helped me rethink how I get things done. Blast off for a period, then break, then blast off again. I’m now allowing myself to do that.
  • Take a notebook on walks to capture ideas. I always do this now.
  • 30 minutes of exercise helps extend my 'study periods'- this helps me stay committed to walking more than I use to.
  • Walking at 6pm - no later than 7pm has helped me unwind earlier at night
  • Realizing no sleep/bad diet works against my concentration levels.
  • Diet is key- more protein please. Amazing results I eat protein 3 times a day now.
  • Again diet is key- this has helped me plan my food/eat my food before I leave for extended periods. I used to not think about it.
  • Carbs relax the mind. I would eat lots of carbs not knowing this- now eat less unless I'm going to relax, rest.
  • Realize that I eat when transitioning- haven't really stopped it but more aware of it. Not seeing it as a compulsive habit anymore.
  • Mind map- this little baby I will use forever!! It's perfect for my mind
  • Overwhelm is part of the ADD brain- take a breath and don't hyperfocus on details.
  • Note taking tip- actually forgot about it but will use it for my numerous seminar experiences.
  • Movement helps me focus. (walking/showering to think something through)
  • Realizing the question "what am I going to do now" "what should I be doing" are process questions. Now when I ask myself that, I sit down and write out what I'm working on, etc. Basically answer the question versus let it spin. Also allow myself to answer "I'm relaxing!"
  • It's easier to stay on an even keel than to refuel up after dropping blood sugar/energy/collapsing. BIG ONE for me.
  • Staying focused on my priorities- making lists to stay centered even mind map again if necessary
  • Keep things sparkly and interesting.
  • Stay focused on my unique skill sets - don't try to learn everything.
  • Put together list of what my next steps are before stopping an activity versus picking it up the next day and trying to figure it out.
  • Impulsive need to tell people what I'm working on- I get very excited. Instead say "I'm looking into" x project. I always felt this was a childish quality of mine but now I realize it's ADD!
  • Computers give off positive ions and water gives off negative ions- taking a bath/shower before I go to bed to help me relax.
  • 8 Steps per Karl
  • Understanding hyper focus and why I ruminate about people/events/situations - it NOW makes sense.
  • Is something feasible vs huge reward that may not be realistic. Putting it to some concrete test to determine.
  • Start putting together a night time ritual - this I forgot about but will rekindle this week.
  • Allowing myself 3 months to determine if a new project idea is feasible. Not saying yes prematurely.



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