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ADHD's Upside - ADHD E-Zine - October 2011
 Lindsay Hilsenbeck



Your limitations aren't flaws. They're opportunities to cultivate self kindness.


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Cinnamon... - the wonder spice


A whiff of cinnamon boosts your brain and improves cognitive functioning. Even cinnamon-flavored gum enhances memory, visual-motor speed recognition, attention and focus.

And cinnamon helps to regulate sugar levels; reduces proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells; reduces clotting of blood platelets; acts as an antimicrobial, which means it helps with yeast infections; contains the trace mineral manganese and is a very good source of dietary fiber, iron, and calcium.


(Excerpted from A Better Brain at Any Age by Sandra Kornblatt)


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Hi there...

This morning we got the first frost of the year up here in Montana; but as often is the case here in the mountains, we also have vivid blue skies and bright sunshine. Many trees have turned autumnal and as I look out of my office window the red and gold leaves are gently falling like snow as the frost dislodges them. Gorgeous...


Next week I'm heading down to New Zealand for their summer. Looking forward to the smell of the ocean and some sand between my toes! I plan to take a month  off to enjoy friends and family and recharge my batteries.


Many clients start work with me focusing exclusively on 'what is wrong with them' and the problems their ADHD creates. Of course its natural to look at what is tripping you up. But what I think is equally important is to get familiar with the up side of your ADHD and acknowledge your personal skills and talents. I'm keen, when working with clients, to find strategies and methods of management for executive functioning 'weaknesses' AND also identify and celebrate how great you are in your areas of expertise; and ultimately focus most of your energy there. So here is a list of The Gifts of ADHD that I hope will help you identify your special skills and talents, courtesy of 



ADHD's Upside




Many people with ADHD are extremely creative and imaginative; often graced with tremendous originality and expressiveness. Their fresh, inventive imagination is a powerful tool!



What about the risk taking that sometimes comes along with ADHD? What if we change our perception by viewing this as adventurousness and daring, rather than in the negative sense? Some of the most prominent people in business moved up in the business world because of their willingness to take risks. With risks there often comes 'failures' - alternativlely seen as ventures that haven't worked yet. Or situations that taught you great lessons.


Looking at the Big Picture:

People with ADHD are often criticized for missing details and losing focus, yet they are often magnificent at looking at the whole picture. They are often very perceptive and can look at all aspects of a situation, rather than keeping a narrow, one sided view. They are drawn to abstract ideas and solutions.


Thinking Outside the Box:

Thinking outside the box is a common thread among people with ADHD. They may think differently. They are nonconformists and they can generate powerfully imaginative ideas because they can think outside the boundaries that impede most of us.


The H of ADHD Ups Energy:

Being "on the go" can be good. Many people with hyperactivity have lots of energy. They are gung ho and ready for action. They are able to thrive under pressure when managed well. And often have outgoing, spontaneous, passionate personalities. Many have hyperactivity 'cognitively' - the mind races and the ideas and solutions flow fast and furious - again you need to manage this so you drive it, not it you!


Super Senses & High IQ:

Often folks with ADHD have heightened senses; some or all of them. And the vast majority of my clients have much higher than average IQ; it seems to come with the territory. So celebrate and use your ramped up senses. Notice if you have a finely tuned 'ear for music', have a 'creative eye' be it external or in your imagination, a super sensitive shnoz - can you identify smells faster and better than most? Super sensitivity to touch and texture. And my favorite...much heightened intuition; hone and use this ability to your advantage in your personal professional and business dealings. 


So recognize, value and embrace your differences and celebrate your ADHD skills and talents..




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