Happy New Year to You & Yours... Welcome 2009 
As I look back on 2008 I feel very fortunate. 
I've had the great honor to work with many incredible clients, collaborate with inspirational colleagues, and share joy and laughter with family and friends. I've traveled to some new and exciting places and some old favorites like New Zealand, Montana and the Mexican Riviera; combining my work and play as much as possible. Not that it's all been easy; certainly there have been some big stresses and sadness in my life this year, as there is for everyone. But I choose to laser focus on positive goals and gratitude to get me where I want to go; find the positive 'nut' in all situations; and spend time every day on my 'personal foundation work' to create balance and good health.

As this year grows to a close, I suggest you put some time aside to reflect on the year that's just passed. Too often we are 'future focused' and don't look back; consequently we don't internalize the gains we've made. You might find your first reaction is regret and self-judgment at what you didn't get done. Put this 'negative filter' down (or even better throw it away)!! And remind yourself you did the best you could 'at the time' - we all do, all the time. What stands out in 2008? Take an inventory of all the positive changes in your life this year.
  • How have you grown?
  • Crafted better relationships?
  • Helped others? 
  • What wins did you have at work?
  • What's different about you now?
  • What did you do that took courage and stretched you?
  • What brought you great joy, happiness and pride?

Check back through your diary or day planner for events you may have forgotten about.

A Ritual I have this time of year is to put aside and hour and do a 'mind-map' of the past year with all the positive events and gains made (see for ideas).  Name each event.  Remember it in great detail using all your senses (see, smell, hear and feel the event) to install it in your long term memory; then capture its essence on your mind-map; then individually 'map' all gains from each major event. Use your creativity to make it sizzle; lots of color and sparkle!

I consider it equally important to recognize the value in perceived 'mistakes'. I made some doozies this year - learned tons though.
  • What did your snafus teach you that's useful and ultimately of great value? 

We grow most from these lessons - they're vital to the process of evolving into our best selves. Once you acknowledge this, 'living a mistake-free life' and 'shooting for perfection' ceases to be an option; and procrastination decreases, as does your stress level!!

Now put your map where it's highly visible to remind you every time you look at it of your 2008 wins. (Add more as you remember them...) These 'multi sensory memories' can be used as:

  • Future-fuel when you are running on empty and needing motivation.
  • Break you out of 'hyper-focusing on the negative' aka depression.
  • A powerful visual tool of 'evidence of your success' in full living color.

Another ritual for me this time of year is to spend an hour coaching with my coach
(thank you Jann - I wouldn't have made half the progress I have this year without you) to nut out where I am, where I want to be, and name my goals and set the intentions for 2009. And co-create an action plan. I usually laser focus on the 3 major goals at any one time - one is always 'extreme self care' (I already know one 'part' of that, this year, is to 'radically simplify' my life to ramp up my energy level and focus on what's most important to me, in 2009, and beyond. The best is yet to come)!!

So as you reflect on 2008, how do you feel about the quality of your life?  Are you happy with yourself, your relationships, and the progress and direction your life is taking?  Do you feel you could be a lot happier? Could you achieve more if you were better organized and less stressed and overwhelmed? Would you like to kick it up a notch and make 2009 an even better year? Then consider coaching! We'll create a blue print of what you want and need to make you happier, healthier and more productive and systematically work together each week to make it happen.

Not sure? I offer a complementary, no obligation phone consultation to discuss your current situation so you can decide. Or come and 'Share the Strengths' in weekly group coaching sessions for a month to get a taste of what you can achieve - check out the website for details about the Group Coaching and read what members say about it - - then phone me for a chat to see what would work best for you.

For those of you reading, who have worked with me this year I truly look forward to continuing our work together in 2009. Coaching is not a quick fix 'band-aid'. To work effectively it takes a committment to 'invest in yourself' with time, money and guts. I'd like to acknowledge you for that committment. And the honesty it takes to co-create a coaching partnership that works.
(My clients are international and have diverse careers...
  • creative professionals in film, televsion, advertising and PR
  • teachers and college professors
  • senior corporate executives 
  • ER doctors and nurses
  • small business owners
  • college students 
  • IT professionals
  • entrapreneurs
  • couples name a few. But the similarities, and shared traits most of my clients have is incredible creativity, well above average intellect and great innovative and intuitive skills; coupled with hyper-sensativity, compassion and wonderful sense of humor -whats not to love. Working together is a joy)!!
I'm so proud of the work we've done together this year and the amazing results we've achieved. Understanding how your ADD impacts you and yours to improve relationships and communication. Radically reducing the amount of stress and overwhelm and gaining better time management and organizational skills has allowed many of you to re-direct your energy towards more creative and happier careers and personal life styles. Several of you have changed jobs successfully and found a better niche for your strengths.  Several small business owners have ramped up their revenue. One 'Hollywood Mogul' made changes that radically improved his marriage and professional life. Another client has just had a baby; navigating this amazing journey without her usual ADHD meds, with grace, a great sense of humor and lots of supportive strategies. And love and marriage has taken center stage for more than one doesn't get any better than la coaching!!
On another note - I gain most of my clients through word-of-mouth referrals; or my information being forwarded by readers like you. So if you know of someone you think could benefit from Coaching or Consulting one-on-one, or in a group, to improve their personal or professional...
  • organizational skills - both paper and space
  • time management and improved time perception
  • project management - starting and following through
  • inter-personal relationship skills
  • battle with procrastination and his ugly sister perfectionism!!

...please forward this letter on. I'd much appreciated it. I'm happy to offer an 'obligation free consultation' to get the ball rolling! Thanks in advance :-) 

Finally I would like to send you all my heartfelt best wishes for the New Year. I truly hope that next year will bring you abundant happiness and great success in all your endeavors; and great good health and love will surround you and yours throughout 2009.

Cheers,adhd banner 2

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