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December 2009


Hollywood Writer on Life with ADHD

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season this year. And I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Lets make 2010 a great year with much good health and happiness, and a few clearly written goals vs. a long wish-list of New Year's resolutions.
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As always, at this time, I like to review the past year and plan for the next. Whether your memory is spotty or not it's a good idea to flip back through your day planner or calendar and note exactly what projects and personal improvements you tackled and what worked well.
For me, creating a new website was a biggie, but there have been several others.  The others were less time consuming but important wins that I need to acknowledge so I can really appreciate how much I achieved. Equally important, assess where I got the most bang for my buck both emotionally and physically. For example was the time I spent creating my new website a good investment or could I have 'out sourced' a lot more and used my time and skills to better advantage? Did joining a gym really help me get fitter or would a walking regime work better and cost less!? Did the time I spent on meditation really make a difference? Only by looking back and making careful judgments about what I chose to do personally and professionally can I learn what works for me in real time; and then clone and use the actions repeatedly, that bring me most success...

So below is a step by step guide to working through the process of organizing your 'personal improvement plan' for next year (aka New Year Resolutions) - but glean the nuggets of information from your experiences in 2009 first.

hollywood A Hollywood Writer on Life with ADHD


One lesson I've learned: We ADHD folks are everywhere. 
Frank South, who wrestled with attention deficit disorder since childhood, spills everything he's learned about himself, the unaccepting world, and his ADHD brethren.


"Freedom isn't a matter of the future. It's a matter of the present moment."

Thich Nhat Hanh


prioritizePrioritize and Lazer goal @ a time


Carefully consider what you want to change or achieve.  What will make your life better? What will make the biggest difference on a daily basis when you master the change? Take some time to think this through then...
  • List your top 6 personal goals or changes for next year
  • Conjure up a very clear picture of what you want to 'be like after you change', and how you will show up. Use all your senses to create the picture - see, feel, hear, smell and taste 'yourself' after you have gained the results you want. Sounds a little ambiguous, so, for example, if you want to master 'never being late' - SEE yourself arriving on time with a few minutes to spare at an event. FEEL how calm you are 'getting there on time, every time'. HEAR someone say Hi there - so glad you got here early. SMELL the roses - you have time to as you walk through the reception area. And TASTE a cool glass of water you have time to drink before your appointment - you have time to relax as you are on time - your mouth isn't dry and your throat is open and relaxed. Build a picture of exactly what you want the result of your change to be like.
  • Now do a brain dump or mind map for each of the 6 changes you wish to make. A separate map for each. Write down all the actions that you need to take to get the results you desire - think of everything that you can do to support yourself to succeed. All the actions you can take to really make the change permanent. Use what has and what hasn't worked as a guide.
  • Now Pick One - chose the change that will give you the biggest WIN on a daily basis. Commit to focusing and mastering this change first. Give yourself a couple of months to really internalize the new MO. Keep the rest of your mind maps in a folder or on your 'long term to do list' - once the first change is habitual you can choose the next one to work on in March.
If appropriate
  • break all the steps down for your No 1 goal into 'bite sized' chunks and list them in order of action
  • Decide how long each step will take *guess if you have to - but double your estimate if you are a hard taskmaster on yourself!
  • Give each step a specific date and time
  • Post it to your day planner or if you are very visual get a large wall calendar that you can see every day - use colored markers to differentiate The Task from other activities
  • Book in mini 'celebrations' each week to acknowledge the changes as they gradually appear.
If you would like my support to make the changes you've listed then content me to discuss coaching. Together the process is smoother, easier and quicker - and more fun!! Use me as your accountability partner. Let's make 2010 the best year ever - "life is good and does keep getting better if you believe it to be so; and take the steps to make it happen".
If you have been trying to improve your life skills and feel you are falling short then try coaching - don't continue to do exactly the same thing next year, you did this year, and expect a different result - if you seriously want to make lasting changes in your life email me for a free complimentary consultation, or give me a
                                             call : 510-669-1152.

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WWW.ADHD-COACHING.COM  - has had a facelift thanks to Amy my VA. Hope you like the new layout and find the pared down volume more reader friendly! Any and all suggestions to improve the site are welcome -

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours - looking forward to working with many of you in 2010.

Lindsay Hilsenbeck, ACG
Certified ADHD Coach
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