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February 2009
Hi from Lindsay
I find myself in the midst of downsizing this month.  My lovely hubster (stole the nickname - love it) has been 'let go' from his job so we are using this opportunity to make some positive life-style changes.  We plan to sell our big house and garden and downsize to a small-ish centrally located condo for when we're here in the Bay Area. Small house - big life!!
Downsizing has raised all sorts of issues of course; but one that is most compelling for me is the act of 'de-cluttering'. What do I really need to live a healthy happy life? What's essential and what's ego? What serves me, rather than vice versa. What do I really love to do; and what do I need to do it?  After many trips to the Salvation Army I am feeling lighter and less distracted. Seems I am much clearer on what I want my life to look like; and where I want to put my energy. I'm excited about moving into the next chapter of my life. 
So in keeping with my theme of simplifying this year, I've written about de-cluttering and letting go of old projects with ease and grace!! Try it. Paring back clutter and editing out the noise of too much stuff and too many commitments feels mighty fine.
Quote Quote:

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." 
- Joseph Campbell

knittingGreat idea; knitting (or embroidery) to Focus
Of course knitting is seen as a women's past-time but originally it was an activity created by North Atlantic sailors (very rugged bunch) who adapted the tools and skills gained from mending their nets. They created the now traditional and gorgeous Aaron sweaters. So to you guys reading this, go for it!!
According to research at the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, the repetitive motion and focus of needlework can elicit what's known as the relaxation response - a calming meditation-like state that slows heart rate and causes blood pressure to drop.
Knitting can also help you to focus.  The activity acts as a mechanism to 'soak up' cognitive hyperactivity leaving you with a more clear and focused mind. Try knitting when you want to listen and absorb some information. The pay off is you will be less stressed, have better listening  skills, more focus and a closet full of gorgeous jumpers!!

bookreviewBook Review
I used to have a handle on life but it BROKE
- Mary LoVerde
This little book is full of great wisdom and wonderful questions that will get you to the heart of what's going on for you - and clarify where you want to go.
LoVerde suggests most women think that the only way to manage the mounting chaos in their lives is to take control and organize, organize, organize. Instead she makes a good argument not to strive for control but to learn to let go. Thus, discovering contentment in the process. 
This great little book will empower you and give you permission to stop being a perfectionist. If you're ready to take responsibility for your own happiness and make some changes, and you want to reclaim your sense of humor that you lost at the 'stressed out and unhappy convention' - then give it a whirl.

Feature Article; Declutter and Donate


Great Idea
Book Review 


DeclutterDeclutter and Donate...a win win!

First give yourself permission to 'let go of stuff' you don't, and maybe never did, use or love.
Whether it's gifts you never did choose, new unused 'costly mistakes' you never did use, or things 'you think' you 'may need later' - just let it all go.
Donate it with a spirit of generosity and ease. Focus on the fact that others NEED what you're donating and if you aren't using it NOW - its being wasted and costing you time, energy and money to boot.
Estimate how much space all the stuff you don't use takes up - 20% - 50%? then crunch the numbers on what you pay to keep it - rent, heating, insurance etc. And how much time is wasted looking for what you do use amongst the clutter?
Work with a buddy to make the process easier, and dare I say it, fun. Decide it will be fun - crank up the music if it helps; schedule regular breaks so you don't burn out, and have a reward planned for the end of the session (no- not shopping)!! 
Remember the tax write off for donations makes it a win-win! List everything you send off, attach it to the Good Will receipt and file with your taxes.

Some clutter may be half finished 'hobbies or projects' that flood you with guilt every time you run across them. If they are more than a year old, again, donate! You were probably thrilled with the activity when you began it but now if you are 'over it' give yourself permission to pass it on and let someone else play.
Accept that you have a brain that is a dopamine seeking missile that feeds on interest and challenge; craves excitement and newness. You can't change this wonderful way of being in the world, nor would you want to. Relish your insatiable curiosity and super creativity; and your master problem solving skills but do manage your projects and hobbies to avoid overwhelm and ensure they don't morph into clutter and drown you. Get to know your patterns of behavior and create guidelines to accommodate them.

PS IF you have invested some serious money in 'no longer fascinating projects' or its not feasible to donate - try selling items as 'works in progress...' on Craig's List. But what isn't recouped counter off as the cost of learning and enjoying the activity while it lasted. But above all, don't beat yourself up for having a ragingly fertile imagination....viva la differance.

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BookClubBook Club 
If some of you would like to form a 'book club' to discuss some of the books I feature - I'd be happy to arrange that. It would help us all to assimilate and process the information better if it's discussed in a group setting.  The 'bond building' would be lovely too!
Email me if you are keen.  If I get enough interest, I will set it up to run with the same format as the group coaching e.g.  use a conference line, one hour a week etc.  However, I'd make it an early evening event I think?  Let me know what you think!
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