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 Strategy of the Month

To better manage your time begin to break the habit of 'over committing and responding too quickly' to requests for your time by ALWAYS saying "can I get back to you on that". However exciting or seemingly simple the suggestion do not commit!
You'll buy yourself time to look at your current commitments and if you're already busy ask yourself "what can, or will I, stop doing if I start this"?
Practice this strategy for a month as often as you can...let me know how it goes :-)

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Hi everyone

Hope you find this month's lead article useful - seems a lot of us combine the three activities and get bogged down in 'to do' lists and lose the big picture. Hope this clarifies the three.

Decided to run a quick survey of you lovely subscribers before I go ahead and set up a blog. Seems some readers would prefer to stick with a monthly ezine, rather than subscribe to another blog and get more regular info. Guess we are all over loaded with information these days. Let me know what you would like...  

 Define Goals vs. Projects & Jobs

It's important to clearly define Goals, Projects, and Jobs. Knowing the difference allows you to keep tabs on what you are working on, plan better and follow through. You don't want to lose sight of your goals and get lost in a labyrinth of jobs and projects - if you do you lose energy and á¸Ľutzpah and waste you're most precious resource...time.

  • Goals are the big, long-term end-results you seek, often based on your values. They need to be clear and detailed so you know exactly what you're aiming for and why. And how get there. A well thought out goal acts like a compass, guiding your decisions and actions in daily life and draws you forward like a magnet requiring less day to day motivation.
  • Long term goals are often made up of many projects - like a big jigsaw puzzle once the projects are completed and pieced together they produce the big goal 'picture'.
  • Projects are also made up of several jobs or parts. So for each project identify ALL the jobs needed to get to completion. Brainstorm to identify all the parts. A mindmap is great for this. Then break each item into DAILY doable 'blocks of work'. Better to do something every day towards your goal to keep it on your radar. But be realistic and bear in mind some jobs take a long time to segue in and out of the mind set needed to do the work! And delegate or barter jobs you do poorly - focus on your strengths.
  • Then book specific blocks of time for your project in your day planner. Could be 4 hours or 15 minutes - just be realistic; and commit to work on your goal on a DAILY basis so you don't lose momentum or sight of it.
  • Jobs are 'one offs' - they typically are one step activities that can often be done in a day. And very small jobs - less than 5 minutes - are best done immediately you notice them. We all have a long to do list so don't add to it unless absolutely necessary!!

So plan to 'check in' each week to keep your eye on the 'big goal' - do this on the same day so it becomes a ritual - and celebrate what you have done that week towards your ultimate goal. Then plan what you will do in the up-coming week to move you even closer. As you reach your bigger goals not only will you gain them but natural perks will be an increased trust and respect for yourself, more self confidence and greater happiness.

Fewer Distractions = More Productivity
...for mac users only right now :-( 
'Concentrate' - $29 software - helps you work, focus and study more productively by eliminating distractions. 
To start you create an activity (design, study, write, etc) then choose actions (shown on the website) to run every time you concentrate. When ready, just click "concentrate." All your distractions will disappear and a timer will appear to help you stay focused.  

'Concentrate' requires Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or greater and has been tested on OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard".

 users say...

"It truly does help you to concentrate on the task at hand, and I see myself using this regularly in the future."

"Concentrate sports an elegant interface and an intuitive system to set times and tasks."

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