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Health & Happiness Check List - January 2011

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Now is the Time -  bloom where you are planted. There are no guarantees in this life, so when we hold back we do so at the risk of never fully blossoming...

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NB: My long term plan is to hold 7 to 10 day ADHD Workshop/Retreats here on the coast of NZ and in the mountains of MT. I'll create a safe, healthy space where a small group can do intensive self examination and healing work; hone everydayl life management skills and craft a kit bag of life changing strategies to take away...stay tuned.

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Hi and Happy New month down already - eleven to go!!

My 'spring break' up in Montana has morphed into six months of major change.  I've been moving and setting up homes and office space first in Montana and now here in New Zealand on the Kapitit Coast. Right now I'm finishing up a major rehab on the beach house.  Its summer here but as I write we're in the middle of a huge storm - the winds are howling and gusting to 98miles an hour.  The sea is boiling with massive waves driving huge tree trunks and debris up onto the beach. Kapiti Island, usually clearly visable from my office is cloaked in cloud. And gobs of sand's building up on the window sills - next 'to do' on my list is 'reseal the windows'! I figure it's a sign to stop painting and do some writing instead LOL... so here comes my first eZine of the year.  My plan is to keep them shorter and sweeter this year. Beginning with monthly editions; but come spring when I get back to the states I'll ramp it up to bi-monthly as I start 3 new ADHD virtual groups and the long awaited beta testing of my new program - I will be offering this program at a much reduced $ for a small group willing to work with me to craft it to be the best it can be. If you would like to discuss it and put your name on the list and be number 6 of 12 participants just email me - or phone me on the US or NZ number above - both link into my office here.

Health & Happiness Check List
Leading a happy and successful life requires us to make healthy choices, think positively and believe in ourselves. Taking the wrong action or taking no action leaves us frustrated, feeling powerless, hopeless and stuck. When we change our thoughts we change our lives. If our thinking is negative the outcome is negative. Instead of focusing - or heaven forbid, hyper-focusing on things we can't control, it's important to identify and change the things we is a list of healthy positive actions, ideal scenarios.


65 Ideas for Health and Happiness

I suggest you print it off. Cross off the ones that don't sing to you. Cross off the actions you are already taking; leaving the ones you would like to incorporate into your life. You could try choosing one a week to focus on - perhaps the one you think would give you the biggest boost!! 

  • Now put up signs all around your home, car and office to remind you to focus on this new change.
  • Reward yourself when you do make a positive change.
  • Enjoy the process.

Or if you prefer just print off the list and read it periodically perhaps before a meditation session or in the tub as you relax! What you put your attention on will eventually become real...


Great Link to Hassle You!!

Another coach has recommended this free service - it's a great little idea. After the initial set up, the program will remind you in a creative way to do random jobs - check it out! 

Cheers from the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand 
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