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      De-cluttering Ritual      
De-clutter Ritual
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"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."


Stephen Covey

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Hi again...

With spring, here in California, gradually taking on a life of its own the urge to purge is upon me. Time to go through my closets and drawers and pare back to just what I will use over the next 6 months. I suggest you move your winter clothes and shoes out of your 'immediate space' and store them - either to less accessible parts of your closet, a second closet (think guest bedroom) or vacuum packs to save space. As you switch your clothes ask yourself "have I worn this at all this winter?" If not, let it go to Goodwill. Someone can use it. And not only will you get a tax write-off but also gain glamorous space - far more alluring than a crammed closet of aging outfits. Consider the difference between a chic clothes boutique with racks of clothes with identical hangers all evenly and airily hung compared to a thrift store of masses of musty smelling clothes all crammed together on mismatched hangers. Which one's more appealing and energizing? To make it easier, more fun, and for full focus, invite a friend who also needs to purge, and work as a team - first your closets then hers, or his!

If you have trouble making decisions or letting go of 'things' then try my Simplifying Strategy for a month or two. Encourage yourself by consciously thinking 'positive thoughts' around the action and notice if the habit of 'letting things go' begins to feel freeing rather than frightening. If you have ADHD, and even if you don't, keeping your life and space simple will reduce much start purging, either gradually or with gusto.

De-cluttering Ritual...pare back and simplify
Week 1: Get a trash bag and commit to place one 'donate-able'  item    into it each day - do it at the same time - for one week. 
Week 2: place two items into your bag each day - same time. 
Week 3: three items, daily - ditto
Week 4: four items daily. 
· In red write your schedule on your calendar so you can keep track and note progress.
·  Link the de-cluttering to something you do already.  Coffee in the morning? Before you check your email?  Then DECIDE to do your de-clutter ritual immediately BEFORE you take your first sip or log onto the computer. 
We all have waayyy too much stuff that simply clutters our space and adds to the feeling of overwhelm.  To help the process, trying using the mantra 'Less Stuff - More Life.' 
At the end of Week 4, drop the bag at Goodwill and take yourself out for a treat - you deserve it.  Repeat the following month until you can honestly say you have only 'what you use and what you love' in your space. 
By practicing this ritual, you will develop the habit of
  • Looking around for items you don't need, or use
  • Choosing to let go rather than collect    
  • Gradually paring back on a regular basis 
  • And feeling generous and abundant...
 Please let me know how you do - I love to get feedback...

Tip of the Month...

Eliminate as much as possible. Take an inventory of everything that you do in a given day. Anything that isn't necessary to achieve your goals, eliminate it. A good rule to go by when eliminating is the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results come from 20% (or less) or your efforts. If you don't believe me, test it out for yourself. Take a look and see where most of your results are coming from. It's likely that they're coming from a relatively small amount of your actions. After you've identified where the most results are coming from, focus on and multiply your efforts in those areas and reduce your effort in the others.

Body Check

I hope many of you enjoyed the Body Scan article last month. Let me know if you are making this a ritual or if you are having trouble either getting started or following through.

For me it takes conscious awareness to notice where I am right now. How do I feel? The barometer I use is my body. When I really listen to what it tells me, (and obey!)  I feel great. If I ignore it, I inevitably get sick or tired - sometimes both. So to prevent repeating one of my old favorite patterns of go go go till I crash and burn, I love the habit of 'checking in' with my body every morning and night. 


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