November/December 2008
Hi everyone...
I, like most of you, feel the pressure of 'things to do' to get ready for the holidays. Some of the stressors this time of year are out of our control, but many can be managed if you think ahead.

I like to use the end of the year as a self imposed 'deadline' to finish major projects started during the year - so some of my pressure is self imposed.  For situations over which you do have control, decide to choose what options work best for you.

In keeping with that idea I have decided to combine November and Decembers eZines this year, which will take some of the 'time crunch' out of next month.
To help you think about ways you can lighten your load I have listed 10 Tips to Simplify your Holidays.  These might be useful to get you organized and reduce  overwhelm as you navigate the holidays and sail towards the end of 2008.

Quote Quote:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not  simpler.  

  ~Albert Einstein

NYTimesNew York Times Article...
There was an article in the "New York Times" Health Section this week that might interest you - discussing whether ADHD is a disability or a gift.  

The article is entitled: "A New Face for A.D.H.D., and a Debate" by Tara Parker-Pope.  (Dated Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2008)  

Personally, I think it can be both - depending on how it's treated and the level of education...........

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EmailOverloadGot Email Overload?

Many of my clients talk about being swamped with email, and find prioritizing what and how to respond an ongoing chore they face daily.  

I love Mike Davidson's solution to this dilemma. He advocates restricting your reply to any email to 5 sentences or less. Read his blog entry and see if it appeals to you...I for one plan to try it!! 

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Ten Tips to Simplify your Holidays


New York Times Article - A New Face for ADHD
Great Gift Idea

Got Email Overload?

HolidaysHave Happy Hassle Free Holidays...10 Tips to get you there
  1. Take time now to plan.  A 30 minute 'strategy' session will save you tons of time later.  Get paper and pen and list all the jobs.  Break all the big jobs down into 'steps'.  Decide who will do what and when. If prioritizing and planning are not your strong suit don't torture yourself; invite a buddy to brainstorm the plan with you over a lovely pot of tea and Christmas cookies (play Christmas carols to get into the mood)!
  2. Remember what went well last year and what didn't and repeat the good stuff. And note what goes really well and what is a bust this year so you can adjust your plan next year.
  3. 'Keep it simple'. Complicated doesn't necessarily mean better. Less is more; keep your decorations simple and serene. And one the day have a mental list of jobs others can do so when people offer to help you can accept. 
  4. Menu wise think in terms of what gives you the biggest bang for your buck both literally and stress wise. If a pre-prepared food tastes like a fresh one then go with it (I sampled 'packaged' mashed potatoes at Costco yesterday and they were fabulous! So, this year, I don't need to peel 10lbs of spuds and try to mash them at the last moment! For $6  I saved myself at least an hour of work and oodles of hassle (the $ cost was about the same too.) Or, if a bought pecan pie tastes as good as your home made one then hey - buy that puppy I say!!!
  5. Group jobs together. Rather than do a little bit of everything everyday decide to utilize your hyper-focus skills and plan a marathons to clean, cook and do the shopping etc! If you are a night owl try shopping at night - a lot less overwhelming when you have the store to yourself.
  6. Once you have identified the jobs make up a large wall chart for the rest of the year so you can track the days and jobs -  desk calendar pages for Nov and Dec taped together would work - or get an old one and draw your own on the back - write down every job and follow up. Check the calendar daily. Cross the jobs off as you go; or move them if not completed when expected...
  7. Delegate as much as possible - do what you love and do well, and delegate the rest.  Ask it be done by a specific date - and keep track if it's done by noting on your calendar when  to check back. Barter jobs, if you can, with friends, neighbors, or family.  It's kind of nice to work as a 'community' too.
  8. Plan to have nothing left to do the day before Christmas day that can be done before
  9. Make a rule - especially this time of year to never say "yes" to an invitation or request at the time of being asked. Give yourself time to consider your commitments and decide if you want to agree. So say "Thank you so much for asking me, let me check my schedule and get back to you tomorrow". NOTE then phone yourself and leave a message on your cell or home phone reminding you to RSVP.
  10. And don't forget to keep yourself on an even keel and grounded.  Make it a priority every day to get enough sleep, eat nourishing food and keep up your normal exercise routine - if thats not possible suggest everyone go for a walk after dinner. ADDers thrive on some routine and structure so don't throw it all out or you wont be comfortable. Decide now what you need each day to  manage your ADD successfully, and make it part of the plan.

As I am combining November and Decembers eZines I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful happy holiday season now.
I hope you have much to be thankful for this ThanksGiving; and Christmas finds you in good health and spirits, surrounded with love and friendship.
And 2009 brings us all great peace and stability; and all that we need to be happy and contented.. 

Lindsay Hilsenbeck, ACG

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