About Lindsay...

"If organizing is a battlefield, Lindsay is a three star general!"

I was born and raised in England. Left in my teens to live in New Zealand and later moved to Sydney, Australia for ten years then up to Surfers Paradise. In 1997 I moved to the United States where I founded Professional Organizing in The Bay Area of San Francisco.

My career has been an exciting journey taking me around the world. I've worked for Barclays Bank as a dealer on the money market. Held an executive position with Ansett New Zealand as they launched a new domestic airline in New Zealand. Set up and ran a national trucking company in Australia. I've organized the opening of several restaurants and boutiques. Been part of the management team who grew the largest PR firm in Australasia. For something outside the corporate box I did a U turn and dabbled in sculpting. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a student, by one of New Zealand's best artists, Pamella Annsouth. I lived 3 days a week at their pottery and to pay the bills ran seminars for execs on communication skills and inter-personal management skills (for an American company!!) …Later I became the Communications Executive for Avalon Studios a film and television studio. So my experience is broad and my skills varied to say the least!!

Arriving in the United States I discovered Professional Organizing and NAPO. I realized when I stopped to look back that the thread that ran through all the positions I'd held was great organization, efficiency and people skills. I loved the challenge of getting things organized and running smoothly. And lots of variety. Professional Organizing allows me to use those skills and some…

I immediately set up my own consultancy and have been cheerfully organizing businesses and homes across all three continents ever since.

My Philosophy

"I approach each new project with tact and sensitivity, in a professional yet nonjudgemental fashion. I feel honored to work with my clients. I put my full attention on getting the best possible results for each person whether I'm working with a young CEO of a large corporation or an elderly client in her home. Both are overwhelmed, often as a result of chronic ADD. And each needs systems and strategies tailored to their specific needs to solve their problem. Everyone matters. Often I'm amazed at the persistence my clients show as we work together to solve their individual problems. I have great love and respect for all my clients. And absolute confidentiality is guaranteed."

Lindsay has several government contracts -
currently working with Adult Protective Services -
and is a member of:

NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) since 1998
CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Assn)
NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization)

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