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The Inside Scoop on Becoming a Successful
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Become a Professional Organizer!

In this e-book you will find everything you need to know to set up and run a successful organizing business. I give you the sum total of my experience as a professional organizer and, prior to that, a corporate executive. In a simple, easy and practical way, I share how to set up and run your own business as a Professional Organizer.

Looking for your purpose?As a Professional Organizer not only will you be working for yourself, and earning a good living, but you will be providing a service to others that has the ability to change people's lives dramatically.

One client wrote . . .
“Phoning Lindsay was the most important call I ever made. Like a puzzle she put my life into working order for all time. Her systems work! Her strategies, no fault! All because this woman listens carefully and really knows what she’s doing. Not only that….she personalizes the whole process with compassion, this is experience, plus raw talent.”
Nancy Heller, CA

All the skills and qualities you need to be a professional organizer are detailed in my book. Each section leads you through getting your business started. How much to charge, what tools and equipment you will need, how to market your business, and advertising that really works are all included. A step-by-step guide will help you 'interview' your first client on the phone. The book includes a list of associations, contacts, and a reading list that will support you as you grow your business and hone your skills.

To save you time, I have included ALL the DOCUMENTS you will need to begin your business...

  • Action File System for Managing Mail Great system to hold all current actions/jobs

  • Brochure - tri fold My first brochure for you to use as an example.

  • Client Contact Form (print on green paper)
    I use this when I first speak with a new client on their complimentary consultation call.

  • Document Retention Guide…how long to keep that paper

  • Donation Sheet As items are boxed up to go to Goodwill, you need to list and describe them and their approximate value for a tax deduction.

  • Donation Values A guide to help you and your clients put the correct value on these items.

  • Fax Cover Sheet

  • Flyer This is a low-cost way to get your name out there.

  • Invoice (and Next Appointment)

  • Marketing Magnet This is a marketing tool to reward your clients

  • NAPO'S Code of Ethics

  • Terms and Conditions Contract Your contract outlines how you work, set appointments, your cancellation fee, and your payment requirements.

  • The Equipment and Supplies You'll Need on the Job A list of items I carry with me

  • Tickler File System This is a great system for catching all small pieces of paper so clients don't lose them.

  • To-Do List …keep on a clip board

AND. . . buy purchasing The Inside Scoop on Becoming a Successful Professional Organizer for only $9.95 you can get another valuable tool FREE to help you build your business quickly: My step-by-step 30-Minute-Talk entitled, Five Tips to Save Time. It's a total package that guides you step-by-step through giving your first talk. Each section of your talk is outlined in detail as is how to set up your white board, cheat sheets and handouts You can use it over and over again. It is tried and tested and is very well received. It's suitable for any group large or small, be they entrepreneurs, professionals or an association. Anyone with an office, be it corporate, or home, will enjoy this talk. The accompanying notes also give you handy preparation and presentation tips.

BONUS Introduction Speech to use when addressing a group or association!

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