How We Work….The Professional Organizers approach

Regardless of whether the issue is with a home or business the first step is to discuss your situation in-depth. This can be done during your complimentary consultation by phone. We will get to know you and discuss your situation. How long has the problem existed? What is working, and, what is not? Do you have a time frame or deadline for the work? and a budget?

We will talk for as long as it takes to ascertain your particular needs. Often we discuss what you would like the end result to look like, and work back from there. Once we have a good overview of your situation we can discuss options and costs, and, if you wish, schedule an appointment. There are two Options available for business & residential organizing..

Option 1 for Residential & Business Organizing

Hands on help. A consultant comes to your home or business and organizes and sets up systems for you. We charge an hourly rate, depending on the scope of the job, and have a four-hour minimum per session.

When your consultant first arrives, she walks through the premises with you and discusses in more detail what your needs are. From this on-site information we map out a plan of attack and set tangible goals. And the organizing begins.

Each session is booked for a minimum of 4 hours. If you have a larger job then longer sessions are more practical and cut the total time the organizing takes. If we are working with you we go at your speed and energy level, so you ultimately decide what works best for you.

For the first few sessions, our consultant works with you to design and set up systems tailor-made for you. After that, however, we can work alone. Making sure you're familiar with how to maintain the systems and strategies after the consultant has left.

Where required, follow-up appointments can be established so that you can maintain the initial progress that was made. This works well for those that know they don't have the time to devote to organizing that particular area of their life. But many clients, once the clutter is under control and the systems are in place, have a strong feeling of empowerment and finally in control, can then carry on efficiently themselves.

Option 2 Organizing Assessment for Business clients

A skilled Professional Organizing consultant will come and give you a comprehensive Organizing Assessment, for a one-time fee.

During the assessment all aspects of your of your office layout and organization systems are analyzed and customized solutions discussed.

Within 48 hours of your assessment, a comprehensive plan of recommendations will be created and sent to you outlining exactly what steps need to be taken and systems implemented to organize your business to maximize efficiency.

Professional Organizing’s mission is to help you simplify and streamline your home or working environment to reduce stress and save time. Let us help you to un-clutter your mind, your time and your space.

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